Advertising Disclosure is committed to being the premier trusted source for vapers and those looking to switch from smoking, offering insights into the vaping market and industry at large. We pride ourselves on our commitment to editorial integrity, ensuring accuracy, and upholding the sincerity of our review team. Our reviewers are never influenced by financial incentives to modify their genuine opinions on the products or subjects they cover.

Reviews and Testing Methodology

Product Reviews

At Vapemaps, we aim to provide up-to-date, detailed, and comprehensive product information, maintaining honesty throughout. Our reviews are penned by the actual testers of the products, uninfluenced by any advertising partnerships. Our writers are compensated without consideration for the popularity of their content, ensuring unbiased perspectives. We request that reviews be submitted within two to three weeks of product receipt, without any pressure or incentives to skew opinions on any product or brand.

First-Hand Testing

We guarantee that all products we review are evaluated first-hand by our reviewers. The individual named in the review is the one who has personally tested the product.

Given the variety in the vaping industry, from complex DIY setups to simple starter kits, not every product is suitable for review by any writer. Products requiring specialized knowledge or equipment, like high-wattage box mods, are assigned to reviewers equipped to provide precise testing results. Simpler devices are reviewed by writers with extensive experience in that area.

Review Format

Our review format is consistent across product categories, designed to cover all necessary topics to guide our readers through the market and make informed choices. We offer comparisons, aiming to assist readers in finding products that suit their needs. Reviews include assessments of build quality, design, performance, basic operations, and, where applicable, battery life and charging. Reviews of advanced devices also delve into their features and functions, including a specifications test. Each review presents a specifications list, kit contents, pros and cons, a photo gallery, and a final verdict.

Research and Recommendations

Our "best of" lists are the result of continuous product testing and feedback from verified customers across various online platforms. We gather insights from Reddit, E-Cigarette-Forum, Fuckcombustion, and numerous Facebook groups, ensuring our information is thoroughly vetted before publication.

How We Advertise

Our advertising and affiliate partnerships fund our international team, allowing us to compensate our staff fairly. We refuse to compromise our readers' trust with intrusive or aggressive advertising tactics.

What You Won't Find on Vapemaps:

  • Obstructive pop-up ads
  • Auto-play videos with disruptive audio
  • Misleading click-bait articles
  • Ad-stacking or confusing multiple ads
  • Irrelevant or non-industry-related advertisements

What You Will Find on Vapemaps:

  • Brand-sponsored giveaways on social media, not advertised on the website
  • Unobtrusive, relevant banner ads
  • Sponsored reviews written with integrity, with potential buyer pre-reading without influencing the honest assessment. Sponsored content funds additional value like professional photography and expert testing.
  • PPC and affiliate links as means of advertising, chosen by brands for their effectiveness. Affiliate links generate nominal commissions without affecting the purchase price or our editorial standards.

Compliance with Federal Regulations

In alignment with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, concerning endorsements and testimonials, we disclose our advertising practices and affiliations. For further details, refer to the FTC guidelines: